About the App
Explore the Solar System in your own neighborhood!
SpaceWalking is an augmented-reality app that creates a virtual scale model of the Solar System in your neighborhood to explore. It's simple to use:

1) Choose a scale. At the smallest scale, the Solar System extends several blocks, but the Sun and planets are quite small. At larger scales, these bodies are larger, but the Solar System extends much farther.

2) Choose a Starting Point: You can start at the Sun and walk the entire Solar System, or start at one of the planets for area exploration.

3) Create the scale model of the Solar System. The Solar System is laid out in a straight line, so face the direction that you want to walk.

4) Switch to PlanetView and your device screen becomes a window into this virtual world. The distance to the nearest planet is shown in the blue bar at the top. When you come within range of a planet, the phone will vibrate and a "Visit" button will appear onscreen in PlanetView. This appears when you are about 22 million kilometers from a planet.

5) When Visiting a planet, you can touch the names of the planet and any moons to zoom in close. Be sure to notice the real-world diameters of these objects, displayed at the bottom of the screen, to truly appreciate the vast size of the Solar System and the smallness of the planets! Press the Back button to step back to the Visit view, and then to go back to walking around from planet to planet.

6) The virtual Solar System includes the Sun, eight planets, and several representatives of the Asteroid and Kuiper Belts. As you walk from planet to planet, keep an eye out for other objects, from asteroids to comets to spacecraft! Most of these are found among the inner planets.

7) Touch the Share button to post to Twitter and Facebook.

8) There are over a dozen Achievements you can earn by exploring the Solar System. Touch the Info button to access a list. Achievements will appear in PlanetView when you earn them.

A good GPS signal is necessary for this app to work properly, so it is best used out-of-doors. You will probably obtain weak GPS signals when indoors. Car engines can interfere with the compass, making the app perform poorly.


Developed by Eduweb

Starfield and most planet images courtesy JPL/NASA. Some planet and moon textures copyright by James Hastings-Trew, used with permission.

The Planets by Gustav Holst. Music tracks by Keith J. Salmon/Robert John Richardson, licensed by www.royaltyfreeclassicalmusic.co.uk.

Sun: Sunrise fanfare from Thus Spake Zarathustra byy Richard Strauss: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

Earth: The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss.

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SpaceWalking requires:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4