SpaceWalking is an augmented-reality app that brings the Solar System down to Earth, ready for you to explore. Walk across the street to visit Venus, Head down the block to Jupiter, and stretch your legs to get a glimpse of Pluto. As you walk around, your iPhone displays the the Sun, planets, moons and other objects, all to scale.

Adjust the distance scale to fit the solar system inside your neighborhood or across your city. Earn achievements and send reports of your journeys to Facebook and Twitter!

SpaceWalking requires an iPhone 3GS or newer model, due to the augmented-reality features.

3D scale model of Solar System with an animated Sun and realistic planets, moons, asteroids, and comets.

Five scales to fit the Solar System in your neighborhood, across your town, or into the next county.

Achievements for walking the Solar System in interesting and unusual ways.

Share walks and achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Music for each planet featuring Gustav Holst's The Planets.

Fascinating information about every object you encounter on your walk.
Available on the App Store
SpaceWalking requires:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S

News & Updates
December 4: FindMySoft review:
"If you rate 'going for a walk' as a 10, then get the SpaceWalking app and see how it feels to turn it all the way up to 11. "
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November 21: Update available on App Store
This update fixes the iOS 5 crash issue.

Sept 23: GiggleApps review:
"Really impressed with the innovation of this app, particularly in the use of mobile technology to bring scientific concepts closer to human experience. To me, this type of application represents the best of what technology can offer humans and society."
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August 30: AppSafari says:
"Interesting and amusing...an original and innovative concept and if you are even remotely interested in space exploration, check it out." Read more

August 28: Examiner.com says:
"Maybe one of the coolest [iPhone apps] out there..." Read more

August 27: We're featured on iPhoneFreak!
"A fun twist on exploring the solar system..." Read more

August 26: SpaceWalking is available in the iTunes App Store!

August 24: SpaceWalking release date set for August 26th!

August 13: SpaceWalking submitted to the App Store!
We expect to release the app in late August!